• What is the Monash University Research Repository?
    • The Monash University Research Repository contains content representing Monash University‚Äôs research activity. The repository provides a place to securely store and centrally manage selected research data, collections, and related publications so they are globally accessible online. The repository contains accepted versions of published works like books, book chapters, journal articles and conference papers. Non-published manuscripts and grey literature such as theses, technical reports, working and discussion papers, and conference posters are collected. Research data holdings, data sets, image collections, audio and video files are also included in the repository. The repository is an open access service and research within the repository is indexed by search services such as Google Scholar, OCLC's OAIster and the National Library of Australia.
  • What are the benefits of open access?
      1. enhances the public value of research
      2. increases the exposure of research
      3. provides for the long-term preservation of research
      4. provides permanent links to research
      5. increases the potential for sharing research
      6. leads to increased information discovery via harvesters
  • How do I add my research publications to the Research Repository?
    • Records for all publications collected by the Research Office and the Faculties for HERDC and ERA are loaded into the Research Repository annually. To make your publication available as Open Access, please consult with your Faculty research office. For more information on making your publication Open Access refer to the Monash University Copyright FAQ
  • How can I comply with Open Access Policies (ARC/NHMRC)?
    • The Research Repository is working with the Research Office and Faculties on complying with the NHMRC and ARC policies regarding open access. For information on how to comply, refer to Research Administration: Open Access Policies
  • How can I add my Research Data to the Research Repository?



  • How do I submit my thesis into the Monash University Research Repository?
    • You can deposit your thesis using the Thesis Deposit Form located Here
  • Is it mandatory for me to submit my thesis?
    • All Monash doctoral and research master's candidates enrolled from 1st July 2005 are required to submit an electronic thesis at the conclusion of their examination. All other candidates may elect to submit voluntarily by contacting etheses@monash.edu.
  • When do I submit my thesis to the Monash University Research Repository?
    • You are required to submit the thesis after examination, and once you have made any changes to the thesis as recommended by the examiners.
  • Does my thesis have to incorporate changes made after examination?
    • Your thesis must include any recommended changes after examination and examiners reports have been received.
  • May I submit a thesis by publication?
    • For a thesis published in print, you will need to seek permission from the publisher to republish it in the Monash University Research Repository, unless permission was already granted within your original agreement with the publisher.
      For a thesis published online, the Monash University Research Repository will link to the published elements and publish only the unpublished parts.
  • What benefits are there to submitting my thesis?
    • By submitting your thesis into the Monash University Research Repository, you have the benefit of long-term preservation of your research. Open access means your research can be easily shared and will be exposed to search services such as Google. Open access to research publications also maximises benefits to your research area. Your publishing record will expand and there is increased opportunity to be cited in the research of others.
  • Access

  • Can I restrict access to my thesis?
    • Students may choose to publish their thesis (make it available as open access) in the Monash University Research Repository.
      This decision is made at the time of submitting the final version after examination. It is important students discuss their intentions regarding copyright and IP with their supervisor prior to depositing the thesis.
      Open Access: the thesis will be published online (subject to any embargo). The worldwide community will have access to the bibliographical details and the full text of the thesis. You retain copyright but grant Monash University a non-exclusive licence to publish the thesis in the Monash University Research Repository
      Restricted Access: the thesis will not be published online. The worldwide research community will only have access to the bibliographical details, title, and abstract of the thesis. The Library may supply the full text of the thesis, in whole or in part, to persons for research through institutional document delivery, as permitted under Section 51 (2) of the Australia Copyright Act 1968 (subject to any embargo).
  • Can I place an embargo on my thesis?
    • Requests for an embargo are subject to the approval of the Monash Graduate Education and will only be approved for the following conditions:
      1. To protect information of commercial value
      2. To protect patent applications
      3. To protect intellectual property
      4. To honour pre-existing contractual agreements that require confidentiality
      5. To protect individual rights to privacy (eg: cultural sensitivities)

      The student must still provide a full text file of their thesis. The full text of the thesis will be stored in the Monash University Research Repository and will not be published online. The title and abstract will be publicly available. To retain confidentiality, material may be removed from the abstract of the thesis.
      Students may request a longer embargo than three years through the Graduate Research Steering Committee. Please direct these extended embargo requests to the Research Degrees Examinations Unit. Upon expiry of an embargo Monash University retains the right to supply the thesis in whole or in part for research or educational purposes, in accordance with the Copyright Act.
  • How do I access restricted theses?
  • Formatting

  • What file formats are accepted?
    • A text thesis is best delivered in PDF. If a non-PDF format is necessary for the whole thesis or certain parts of it, please contact etheses@.monash.edu to negotiate the inclusion of a non-standard format, e.g. audio/video.
  • How do I convert my thesis to PDF?
    • You are required to convert the text of your thesis into PDF format prior to submission into the Monash University Research Repository. Adobe Acrobat software can convert your Word file to PDF and has been installed in the computer lab at Monash Graduate Education.
  • What is the level of security placed on my thesis?
    • The Monash University Research Repository advises that security levels be set so that assistive technology can read the document and reformatting can be undertaken by the library for future preservation needs. It is recommended that students do not activate security settings when submitting their thesis.
  • Publication

  • How will I know when my thesis is available?
    • On publication, the URL of your thesis will be forwarded to you via the email address you gave when completing the Monash University Research Repository online deposit form.
  • Copyright

  • Where can I find information about copyright and my thesis?
  • Finding theses

  • How can I find theses at Monash and/or other institutions?


    Monash Graduate Education: mge-thesisexams@monash.edu
    Library Thesis Team: etheses@monash.edu
    University Copyright Adviser: university.copyright@monash.edu
    Research Repository Team: arrowmon@monash.edu