Rank Title Hits
Add 1 Candidate early predictors for diabetic nephropathy 34
Add 2 Analysis, modelling and control of oxygen therapy for premature infants 15
Add 3 A neutral state?: constitutional, legal and historical aspects of church-state relations in Australia 10
Add 4 Sound in sight: an autoethnographical case study of teaching and learning western music theory 9
Add 5 Integration of health system responses to HIV/AIDS and noncommunicable diseases in developing countries 9
Add 6 'Muscle, blood, bone': how the body comes to matter in talk therapy 9
Add 7 ‘Not just a pie in the sky’ : an investigation into the cash-equivalent value of loyalty currency and the impact of a frequent flyer program on its members 9
Add 8 The design and performance of piles socketed into weak rock 9
Add 9 Nanorobotics control design for nanomedicine 9
Add 10 The securitisation of migration and refugee women 8
Add 11 Factors affecting the e-business systems adoption process in Saudi small and medium enterprises (SMEs) 8
Add 12 E-democracy and public administrators: the Malaysian case 8
Add 13 Refusal strategies in L1 and L2: a study of Iranian learners of English 8
Add 14 Flow dynamics of bluff bodies 8
Add 15 The development of the separate legal entity and limited liability concepts in company law: an evolutionary perspective. 8
Add 16 Framing separatist terrorism in southern Thailand: collision, collusion and convergence 7
Add 17 The effects of a 15-minute direct instruction intervention in the regular mathematics class on students' self-efficacy and achievement 7
Add 18 The effectiveness of total quality management as a school improvement process 7
Add 19 Coherent structure and shock-vortex interaction in the screeching supersonic jet. 7
Add 20 The perceptions and experiences of nursing in Saudi Arabia 7
Add 21 Welfare, social work and an Indigenous community : an historical perspective. 7
Add 22 Exploring genetic variation in multiple sclerosis 7
Add 23 Cognitive determinants of racial prejudice 7
Add 24 Understanding gluten sensitivity: the role of gluten and dietary carbohydrates in the genesis of gastrointestinal symptoms in individuals who do not have coeliac disease 6
Add 25 Extraction of oil from oil shale by new, more environmentally acceptable methods 6
Add 26 Modification of surface properties for silane conversion coating of aluminium alloy AA2024-T3. 6
Add 27 Methods of integrating elements of classical Arabic music and Arabic-influenced Jewish music with contemporary western classical music Original compositions and critical commentary 6
Add 28 The role of FODMAPs in gastrointestinal disorders 6
Add 29 Applying key performance indicators to evaluate health care service outcomes 6
Add 30 The stalled revolution: an examination of online teaching in international relations & politics at Australian universities 5
Add 31 Insights into autoimmunity: structural basis of autoantigenicity of GAD 5
Add 32 Australian corporate responses to climate change: the Carbon Disclosure Project 5
Add 33 Leaf litter nutrient dynamics of Koompassia malaccensis and Shorea uliginosa in a tropical peat swamp forest of Peninsular Malaysia 5
Add 34 A cognitive approach to autonomous incremental learning 5
Add 35 Intimate partner violence: conservative masculine attitudes, personality, and romantic attachment style 5
Add 36 Syntactic and semantic issues in introductory programming education 5
Add 37 A study on how and in what ways has the use of tablet technologies (specifically iPads) enhanced learning and teaching across curriculum areas 5
Add 38 The immunomodulatory roles of helicobacter pylori outer membrane vesicles 5
Add 39 Bioactivity studies and isolation of chemical constituents from the leaves of Calliandra tergemina 5
Add 40 Drivers for supplier development : the local supplier in the Malaysian automotive industry. 5
Add 41 Towards developing self-repairing oxides to protect zinc 5
Add 42 Cranial form and function of the largest ever marsupial, Diprotodon optatum Owen, 1838 (Marsupialia: Diprotodontinae) 5
Add 43 Bioactivities and chemical constituents of leaves of selected Apocynaceae species in Peninsular Malaysia 5
Add 44 Tangled up in black - a study of the activist strategies of the Black Power movement through the life of Gary Foley 5
Add 45 The impact of systemic inflammation and bacterial infection on the blood-brain barrier transport of colistin 5
Add 46 The Unan cycle : a study of social change in an Aboriginal community 5
Add 47 Selling western dreams: Australian transnational education in Vietnam and the formation of students’ identities 5
Add 48 Bioactivity and chemical constituents of Rhoeo spathacea and Rhoeo discolor, with emphasis on Rhoeo spathacea 5
Add 49 At home in Australia : identity, nation and the teaching of English as a second language to adult immigrants in Australia 5
Add 50 Alternative rationalities in the governance of information and communication technologies: a case study from rural South Africa 5