Rank Title Hits
Add 1 An investigation of the influences of attitudes and opinions toward asylum seekers and refugees in Australia 459
Add 2 A neutral state?: constitutional, legal and historical aspects of church-state relations in Australia 231
Add 3 The development of the separate legal entity and Limited Liability Concepts in Company law: an evolutionary perspective. 209
Add 4 Understanding gluten sensitivity: the role of gluten and dietary carbohydrates in the genesis of gastrointestinal symptoms in individuals who do not have coeliac disease 204
Add 5 Lipid extraction from microalgae for biodiesel production 164
Add 6 Legal issues of personal jurisdiction in e-commerce in the European union, the United States and Australia : proposed solutions 140
Add 7 Oral communication strategies: task-based learning and Indonesian EFL learners 124
Add 8 "Double strangers" purity and danger among Iranian immigrant women 120
Add 9 The invisible cigarette, the production of smoking culture and identity in Indonesia 119
Add 10 Guns, bikes & leather: moral panic and the 2008 South Australian 'anti-bikie' laws 119
Add 11 Flexural and axial behaviour of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strengthened steel circular hollow sections. 118
Add 12 Do mandibles matter? Towards explaining the economy of mandible functional morphology in ‘chewing’ herbivores using the spiny leaf insect, Extatosoma tiaratum, as an exemplar. 109
Add 13 Nanorobotics control design for nanomedicine 106
Add 14 The impact of syndicated loans on the development of Australia’s corporate bond market 103
Add 15 A study on how and in what ways has the use of tablet technologies (specifically iPads) enhanced learning and teaching across curriculum areas 100
Add 16 The inclusion of aural comprehension in the Victorian Certificate of Education music performance study design 100
Add 17 Population-wide changes in obesity : their causes, trends and implications 100
Add 18 Rethinking work: job crafting, self-determination, and employee well-being 96
Add 19 A discourse analysis of giftedness education policy in Victorian state education 1975-1994 89
Add 20 Bioactivity and chemical constituents of Rhoeo spathacea and Rhoeo discolor, with emphasis on Rhoeo spathacea 89
Add 21 Global corporate challenge evaluation: the evaluation of a pedometer-based, physical activity, workplace health program 83
Add 22 An analysis of large-Scale numeracy assessment data in Australia 83
Add 23 Applying key performance indicators to evaluate health care service outcomes 82
Add 24 Heterogeneous Thai voices: a contact zone of postcolonial counter-discourse to Anna Leonowens’ orientalist writing of Thailand 78
Add 25 Algorithmic strategies for FPGA-based vision 77
Add 26 The stratigraphic architecture and depositional environments of non-marine carbonates from barremian-aptian pre-salt strata of the Brazilian continental margin 76
Add 27 Factors critical to a sustainable deployment of Lean Six Sigma in Australian business. 75
Add 28 Ghosts of modernity: the J-horror cycle 74
Add 29 An investigation of Saudi Arabian EFL teachers’ engagement with technology 74
Add 30 Factors affecting the e-business systems adoption process in Saudi small and medium enterprises (SMEs) 74
Add 31 Learning and development across the generations: a cultural-historical study of everyday family practices. 69
Add 32 Mesoporous silica SBA-15 supported Cobalt oxide: an investigation of the structure, morphology and catalytic activity of various composites 67
Add 33 Dye-sensitized solar cells constructed with mesoporous TiO2 beads 67
Add 34 The Performance of bidding firms in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals: an empirical investigation of public, private and subsidiary acquisitions in Australia 66
Add 35 Outsourcing the law firm library: the UK experience 64
Add 36 Selling western dreams: Australian transnational education in Vietnam and the formation of students’ identities 64
Add 37 "Want to play a game?" torture porn, violence, media convergence and spectatorship 64
Add 38 Second-generation Turkish Australian Muslim women: family, marriage and identity 63
Add 39 A six-stage model of brand loyalty for sport consumers: Integrating theories of enduring involvement, identity and loyalty 63
Add 40 A moral nihilist ethic 62
Add 41 Assessing pedestrian crash risk and injury severity in concentrated urban environments 62
Add 42 Perspectives on primary school literacy in Australia: ESL parents and years 3-6 teachers 61
Add 43 The perceptions and experiences of nursing in Saudi Arabia 60
Add 44 Exploring and sharing Australian Indigenous narratives 60
Add 45 Being and becoming a teacher of english : a study of teacher educators and their students in postcolonial Zanzibar 58
Add 46 Development of a novel 3D hydrogel for tissue engineering and microfluidics applications 58
Add 47 Defining the motor profile of children with autism, asperger's disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 57
Add 48 The role of FODMAPs in gastrointestinal disorders 56
Add 49 Integration of GIS and LiDAR: towards a fully automated forest inventory system 55
Add 50 Cyclist safety: an investigation of how cyclists and drivers interact on the roads 55