Rank Title Hits
Add 1 An investigation of the influences of attitudes and opinions toward asylum seekers and refugees in Australia 134
Add 2 The development of the separate legal entity and Limited Liability Concepts in Company law: an evolutionary perspective. 78
Add 3 Lipid extraction from microalgae for biodiesel production 69
Add 4 A collaborative and integrated approach to resident mobility 50
Add 5 Below the belt: police use of conducted energy weapons in Australia 48
Add 6 Lanthanide tags for luminescence applications and paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy 41
Add 7 Finding a voice: an exploration of the impact of language acquisition on identity using self-portraiture performance video 41
Add 8 Flexural and axial behaviour of carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strengthened steel circular hollow sections. 41
Add 9 Traversing textual terrains : strategies for translating metaphor in Japanese-English literary translation 37
Add 10 A six-stage model of brand loyalty for sport consumers: Integrating theories of enduring involvement, identity and loyalty 34
Add 11 Literature as political activism: literary representations of Indigenous Australia by Anglo and Indigenous writers & Big River 33
Add 12 Loneliness and health status of Chinese and Anglo-Australian Manningham seniors 32
Add 13 Perspectives on primary school literacy in Australia: ESL parents and years 3-6 teachers 32
Add 14 The dominance of conservative protestant values in an American small town: institutional continuity among home, church, and school 31
Add 15 The journey of becoming a teacher: Indonesian pre-service teachers reflecting on their professional learning 31
Add 16 Guns, bikes & leather: moral panic and the 2008 South Australian 'anti-bikie' laws 29
Add 17 The Performance of bidding firms in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals: an empirical investigation of public, private and subsidiary acquisitions in Australia 28
Add 18 Factors critical to a sustainable deployment of Lean Six Sigma in Australian business. 28
Add 19 A systematic scoping investigation of cross-cultural visual communication design 27
Add 20 An analysis of Malaysia's corporate income tax expenditures and negative income tax expenditures using accounting standards as the benchmark tax base 27
Add 21 Contract formation in cyberspace: a comparative study of Australian, American and Iraqi laws 25
Add 22 The aftermath of provocation: homicide law reform in Victoria, New South Wales and England. 25
Add 23 Midwives and complementary and alternative medicine: a grounded theory study. 25
Add 24 The ecology of mutualism in Acacia myrtifolia 24
Add 25 A forensic study of fourteen Graeco/Roman child mummies 24
Add 26 Welfare, social work and an Indigenous community : an historical perspective. 23
Add 27 Teaching English as an international language: voices from an Australian university classroom. 23
Add 28 Nanorobotics control design for nanomedicine 23
Add 29 A neutral state?: constitutional, legal and historical aspects of church-state relations in Australia 23
Add 30 Characterisation of Burkholderia pseudomallei type III secretion system III components. 22
Add 31 Lateral load capacity of single piles socketed into Melbourne mudstone 22
Add 32 An integrative model of employee responses to major organisational change. 21
Add 33 Bioactivity and chemical constituents of Rhoeo spathacea and Rhoeo discolor, with emphasis on Rhoeo spathacea 21
Add 34 Development of diagnostic techniques for the investigation of instabilities in annular liquid sheets 20
Add 35 Is there a need for an action of privacy in Hong Kong? Problems and possibilities 20
Add 36 Human resource management and contextual ambidexterity: an individual level analysis 20
Add 37 The invisible cigarette, the production of smoking culture and identity in Indonesia 20
Add 38 Power efficient ultra-wideband based wireless communication for wireless body area network applications 19
Add 39 Outsourcing the law firm library: the UK experience 19
Add 40 Mechanical and rheological properties of graphene oxide reinforced cementitious composites 18
Add 41 Teacher knowledge, identity, and practice: a mixed methods study of ESL teaching 17
Add 42 Oral communication strategies: task-based learning and Indonesian EFL learners 17
Add 43 Strategic and operational supplier selection in a supply chain 17
Add 44 Factors affecting the e-business systems adoption process in Saudi small and medium enterprises (SMEs) 17
Add 45 Assessing pedestrian crash risk and injury severity in concentrated urban environments 17
Add 46 Mesoporous silica SBA-15 supported Cobalt oxide: an investigation of the structure, morphology and catalytic activity of various composites 16
Add 47 The perceptions of quality managers and auality coordinators about the implementation of critical success factors of total quality management in general hospitals in Saudi Arabia 16
Add 48 Understanding gluten sensitivity: the role of gluten and dietary carbohydrates in the genesis of gastrointestinal symptoms in individuals who do not have coeliac disease 16
Add 49 Inferring social behavior and interaction on twitter by combining metadata about users & messages 16
Add 50 The role of FODMAPs in gastrointestinal disorders 16